We inherited the technology DNA from Hisashige Tanaka, the founder of Toshiba Group, a renowned engineer and famed inventor. His hand crafted was well known all of the world, including a mechanical boy archer and a long-burning oil lamp. Another famous invention is MAN-NEN DOKEI. It combines a Western timepiece with a Japanese traditional clock, which divides time between sunrise and sunset into six parts.

We inherited all skills, knowledge and technical resources from Tanaka. The company produced Japan's first electric fan, refrigerators, washing machines, electric vacuum cleaner and electric rice cookers. We are leading the industry with technology. We will continue to create new technology and services, and to provide lasting and significant value. In all we do, we follow Tanaka's maxim: "Don't just contribute to society, move people." Feel it. 133 years of technology from the heart.

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