ecology style

A Product has true value only if it places minimal burdens on the environment.

We promote activities to reduce environmental burdens and are working for a recycling society.

We share Toshiba's conviction that the Earth is the irreplaceable inheritance of generations yet to come, and that all of us living today must hand it on in a healthy condition. In practical terms, that means that our concern for the environmental impact of our products starts with the basic concept and R&D. We consider how our products will be used, and how to assure that the resources that go into them can be reused once products reach the end of their lives. In collaboration with our Group companies, we work to reduce environmental burdens by optimizing resource utilization, promoting measures to prevent global warming, assuming stringent control of chemicals, developing environmentally-conscious products, and promoting design for recycling of end-of-use products. In all activities, our desire is to add value and richness to the lives of our customers while maintaining harmony and balance with the environment.


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